08 Nov 2014

Using a custom domain

By default, your website is available on a subdomain ending with .sites.co.tz. In order to publish your website to your own domain, a few DNS records need to be added.

The following documentation is for cPanel. If you do not have access to it, please contact your hosting provider or domain registrar.

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Navigate to Advanced Zone Editor
  3. Update the A record for "yourdomain.co.tz" to ""
  4. Update the CNAME record for "www" to "yoursubdomain.sites.co.tz." (ending dot. is required)
  5. Create a CNAME record for "my" to point to "my.sites.co.tz." (ending dot is required)

Warning: You may have any other DNS zones referencing to "yourdomain.com" which may stop working. You would have to double-check them to ensure they are properly updated.


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