29 Oct 2013

Rahisisha Sites from Tanzania

We have been working for months to build our latest product, Rahisisha Sites. At the moment, we are in beta testing, fine-tuning our product before we launch our product to every one.

What is Rahisisha Sites?

Rahisisha Sites is a product of Rahisisha Solutions Ltd, a Tanzanian based company founded in 2009.

Rahisisha Sites is an online platform that will allow anyone to easily create and manage their website. The sign up process can be completed in minutes - and you are ready to start working on your website immediately. You can start adding menu items, pages and posts immediately.

We are still working on creating themes. Our goal is to have at least one theme for every industry, some of which include schools, hospitals and travel agencies. These themes will be free to use for our customers.

We are so confident in our product that we will give you 14 day free trial - no payment required. You will get a subdomain to test your website before you decide to make it live.

Our Vision

We built this product with the vision that every business can have a website which is easy to manage by themselves.

Our Story

The team behind Rahisisha has been building websites for about 10 years now in Tanzania. We have gone through industry changes, before web 2.0, before JQuery and AJAX was the next new thing. We have been building web applications and dynamic websites for a long time.

We have been seeing the changes in the industry over the years, and have been dismayed by the adoption of web presence in Tanzania. Late last year, we decided that it was time to take things in our hands and started building this product in early 2013.

A big thank you to our early adopters

We would like to thank all of our early adopters for their support in transitioning into our new product, and working with us while we are still fine-tuning our product. Their feedback and positive reinforcement has been a great motivation for us.

Please check back soon for more updates.


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