31 Mar 2015

Introducing photo galleries, shopping carts and several new themes

The last two months have been busy for us. For those following our journey, please read our last update here.

Today, we are happy to introduce photo galleries, shopping cart phase 2 and several new themes ready to use for your next website.

Photo Galleries

You can create photo galleries, upload some photos and their captions to easily show them on your blog posts or pages using a simple code snippet. When you've created your gallery, please get in touch with us for the snippet. We are still working on an intuitive way to easily plug it into your pages or posts.

Online Store: Completion of Phase II

Our phase II included completing the cart features. Your visitors can now add items into carts, and check out. During the checkout process, they'll need to create an account on your site or login if they already have an account.

The checkout process also has shipping functionality. We've integrated EMS shipping rates to auto-calculate the cost of shipping to your customers. This cost is included into their order, if they choose to have it shipped to them.

At the moment, all payments are to be completed offline between you and your customer. Stay tuned for our next update, as we are looking into integrating some payment options in the next couple of months!

Several new themes!

We're super excited for this update. Before today, there were only two themes available for you to use. Today, we've introduced 6 new themes -- making it a total of 8! Give them a spin and let us know what you think. If you need any assistance, please do contact us.

Next updates

We're working on a couple of new things to be introduced in coming months. These will be:

  1. Setup guides - some documentation on how to make the most of our new themes.
  2. Payment automation for shopping carts
  3. Some more themes are on their way
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Best Regards,
Mohsin Sumar,
Managing Director,
Rahisisha Solutions Ltd.


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